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Anyone know of a good detox that doesn't make you lose weight?

Asked by tan235 (877points) September 24th, 2010

I know that is probably a contradiction – a detox that doesn’t make you lose weight, but i’m quite a skinny girl and don’t want to become invisible; i lose weight easily, however i’d love to do a detox as i think i have IBS and my bowels and stomach need a clean, it’s driving me crazy.
Everything I eat causes me cramps at the moment.

Does anyone know of a good diet that cleanses the body but doesn’t make you lose weight?


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Most of the weight lost during a “cleanse” is water weight and whatever happens to be sticking to your bowels. That loss is inevitable, but will come back rapidly (Like, drink a glass of water. Tada!)

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I’ll take on that does make you loose wieght if you have that one?

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Eat a normal low-fat diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and water. Skip smoking, drugs & alcohol. “Cleansing” and “detox” nonsense. Your body isn’t full of dirty toxins.

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