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I've noticed that there is a lot of assholes on this site, but there?

Asked by ihaveabigdicklol (6points) April 29th, 2014

are some nice and intelligent people on here, for the assholes i think they should get a life. :)

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And your question is?

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Maybe you are a user who just signed up earlier today and was ostracized. I apologize. I tried to contact you personally and your profile was already closed. Yes? No?

Feel free to PM (private message) me. I’m an asshole, but an open-minded one. I’d love to lead you into the Tide Pool!

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Okay, what was your Q?

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Don’t feed the troll. He’ll be modded off asap.

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Are you the 5’10”, 22-year-old guy with the small and neat ears? If ao, I retract all the nice things I said about you.

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Everybody STOP. Jeebus. Be fucking nice.

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Be nice to someone new who calls us assholes?

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@gailcalled He’s also the black guy with the height problem(s).

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He’s everyone, everywhere, like a zombie – Runnnn!

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Only nice people answer this please.

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@jca He also called us nice. Perhaps he will work out his aggression here, then return in a more sociable form. New jellies make the world go round, remember?

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Aaaand according to his name, he has a big dick.

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Lol u people are funny at times lol

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People, please!!! It’s like a fucking feeding frenzy. We say we want new jellies and jump on all of the new ones!?!?
Imagine a puppy. New, scared, and not familiar with everyone else. Sometimes the defensive mechanisms are rude and aggressive. Be nice, THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO BE!

Don’t prove him correct.

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@GloPro: Maybe if we stroke him, he will get bigger.

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@GloPro We really want another “big dick lol”?

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@jca based on his name he is already big enough. No stroking. Although I bet anyone who does stroke will be put in the nice column!

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At every jelly: I’m a big dick, too. I found Fluther because I want friends that I can be honest with that don’t see my physical self. Is that so wrong? Just chill and be nice. Why is that so hard?

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@FlyingWolf: I find when they talk about having a big dick, the reality is usually the opposite.

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@GloPro: Did you come here finding friends by saying there are a lot of assholes on this site? I don’t think that’s a tactic you used.

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@jca there are assholes on this site but honest, impersonal and decent ones. Sometimes being an asshole is a good thing.

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