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Can someone help me understand this dream?

Asked by hipsterloki (15points) May 7th, 2014

It’s a bit complicated but, I used to hang out with a group of friends that I don’t really see anymore. One of those friends I did have a crush on, but it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve hung out with them due to an issue I had with another friend.

Honestly, I haven’t really talked to them, and the most is facebook messages. But last night I had the weirdest dream about my old crush.

It started out with him laying on a mini bunk bed, we were watching something even though we were outside. I was leaning against the beds to the point where my knee was touching him. We were like that for a while, but then I notice the person I had an issue with, was laying on the floor. When the commercial came on, he grabbed me and tried to get me to lay down with him, I pulled away and went back to the bed (which was no longer a bunk bed) and laid down next to my crush.

We were laying opposite directions, with my head towards his legs and whatnot. He was rubbing my back and we stayed that way. Suddenly my family walks in, and we’re no longer outside but inside.

My family starts joking with my crush, telling him that I’m their baby girl and to treat me right. To which we both kind of just stammer and fumble around for words. He laughs and says that I started it.

(the other person is completely gone by this point in my dream) My crush is then readying a mattress on the floor and laying down on it. As I’m shuffling around, he starts complaining that he’s cold and that I should come lay down with him. My sister is still in the kitchen area so I keep saying to wait. But he keeps persisting and then opens the blanket up. He’s completely naked and aroused (that’s so embarrassing to type up sorry :( ) but he’s really pale, and his hands are running over his lower sides and I’m really embarrassed and trying to keep my sister away but when his hands come up, there is blood.

Blood is just everywhere and I run over to him and try to help and there is this huge horn like thing in his side to the hilt. I don’t know what to do and he keeps saying he’s cold. I ask if I should pull it out and he’s just shaking his head. I yell at my sister that I have to take him to the hospital and so I get him dressed while he says it must have been the porcupine.

I just grab him and run outside to a red car (which is not the color of my car) and we race down the highway in search of a hospital. I start going over all the hospitals and asking him which one, we start bickering and then I see a car one lane over and slightly in front lose control. I slam on the brakes and the car veers over, hits another car and it’s like a four car collision and one of them clips mine. It rolls over once and I manage to get out and confront the person who started the accident. He’s handing out his insurance cards and I take one and run back over to my car and flip it back over.

Then I woke up, I don’t know if he made it or not. I don’t know what any of it means, or the symbolism in the injury. I woke up very confused since I honestly haven’t been in contact.

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