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Getting really flakey edges around my nose, nearly everyday, help?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) May 7th, 2014

So no matter how much I exfoliate the area (turns red there after and burns after I put lotion) it comes back everyday. I noticed also the insides of my ears have skin that comes off. It’s like flakey, thin, and if I pick it out (talking about the outer ear front ear) it’ll bleed sometimes, almost like picking a scab. This is happening to both ears. I’ve applied lotion twice and it seems to help with my ears but with the nose thing it is tough. The only thing I can do is exfoliate I guess. What would you recommend?

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Stop exfolliating (does that require using a product with harsh chemicals to peel off the outer layer of skin?) and allow the skin to heal and rest.

Having an area turn red and burn usually means to get rid of the product that is causing those reactions.

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No harsh chemicals, actually I’ve tried several methods. Just rubbing it off, yields red. Luke warm water and rubbing it off, yields red. Luke warm water soap, yields red. Luke warm water & chamomille bark soap, same, red. It’s definitely a build up of oils and skin cracking but I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s happening. It’s been like this for about 3 months now?

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Put chap stick on it as needed, and leave it alone. Both nose and ears. Look for Aquafina lip balm. It’s cheap and pencil shaped in case you need to apply to the inner rim of your nostrils or ears. I don’t recommend the mint (I buy it in 4 packs at the dreaded Walmart and one is blue, which I just pass on), and either do not use this product for your lips as well, or mark which one you’re using around your nose and ears well.

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Maybe it is a yeast infection? I would try Lotrimin cream in a tube to moisturize the area and possibly kill any fungus there. If it isn’t an infection it shouldn’t cause any harm. If it doesn’t work maybe see a dermatologist.

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@JLeslie How would I know if it’s a yeast infection? The skin underneath, every single day looks fresh and brand new and totally blended well with the rest of my facial skin… So I don’t think it’s anything harmful. It’s just a spot that seems to be where oil collects, dries up, and takes some of that skin underneath it… I’ll try the @ibstubro method, I think it’s Aquafor youre talking about? hehe, but yeah how long should I leave that dead skin on there? They are flaky and embarrassing in public if I don’t remove it.

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@pleiades I don’t think it is easy to tell necessarily. When you said flaking I thought maybe yeast, but you more than likely would have redness all the time if it was yeast. Think dandruff. That is a yeast infection the majority of the time. Now that you say it looks fine and then the situation goes down hill during the day my idea could easily be incorrect. It can be incorrect anyway. The only way to know for sure is with a culture I would think. Or, maybe a doctor can tell if he has a microscope in his office. Not sure.

Try @ibstubro suggestion if it sounds good to you, see how it goes. If it doesn’t work you can move on to another idea or see a doctor.

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Hey, I just found this after deciding to google “side of nose flaking.” Seems my guess might not be too far fetched. I swear I am Edgar Casey reincarnated. LOL. He died on my birthday, different year though obviously. It still could be completely wrong though.

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This can be a symptom of thyroid issues.

I happen to have this on the end of my nose. I find hyaluronic acid and rose oil both help quickly.

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It should soften the skin and allow some of it to come off without breaking the skin again. I would apply it right after work and keep it on pretty thick the rest of the evening. I would expect by morning that there’s less visible flaking. If so, after your shower apply liberally and just bear with it until it’s gone.
And yes, I meant Aquafina, like the water. It usually comes 4 thin tubes to a package. I tend to have crusty sores in my nose in the winter, and I actually apply it in my nostrils and it’s the only thing I’ve found to work. They’re healed and the moment and for mostly the past few weeks.

Good luck and it’s the sames as free to try…if it doesn’t work you can use the other tubes on your lips later.

Specific product I’m talking about because of the pencil thinness.

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You might also try melaleuca (tea tree oil.)

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Stop exfoliating. Immediately. Try rubbing the affected skin with petrolatum (Vaseline) about once an hour for a couple of days. The goal is to keep the area from going dry. This is basically what @ibstubro is saying – though petrolatum, being even fattier, works faster. For me, at least. You will have to leave it alone for a while, even if that makes you look stupid. Won’t take long.

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I don’t like petroleum products. If you want something like that I would use lanolin (thick) or coconut butter which melts when it touches your body. I would mix either with the melaleuca and maybe some lavender to calm it.

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