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What was the last accident you had?

Asked by flutherother (27317points) May 13th, 2014

Was it a fall, a car crash a slip? What happened to you and how did it happen. How will you prevent it happening again?

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I wrecked a pitbike which is like a mini dirtbike with a souped up engine during a race. Messed my knee up for a solid 2 months. I was in full gear too. This was several years ago. I don’t do that anymore.

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I sneezed when sinking a bottle of Bud last weekend, I wept genuine beer tears at the criminal wastage that flew off in all directions.

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Hey, I’ve been 12 months without a crash. Sleepwalking, crash into furniture, 9 stitches and a major concussion. That was a bitch.

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Last week at work I was stacking milk crates and a stack started to fall. I reached out to stop it with my left hand which was already holding a crate. I stopped it from falling, but the crate I was holding whacked me in the forehead. It hurt like hell and I had a big welt.

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I smashed my thumb in the door jam of my bathroom door a few nights ago.
I don’t know WTF I was thinking, but had my thumb on the jam when I closed the door. OW!
I have a nice back and blue thumbnail but, I don’t think I will lose the nail. Hurt SO BAD!

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Well, this morning we bought some firewood but had to load it on our trailer ourselves. I was wearing a kind of low cut t shirt and some of that wood was pretty big. I ended up getting a bunch of splinters down by bra. Ouch!

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I dropped a delivered pizza in its box last night. It still tasted the same scraped off of the lid.

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Ignoring the small things, I accidentally turned a forklift into a doorway wall, which resulted in tweeking the entire building. Doors would not close! My boss was able to bend it back successfully, so no accident report was filed.

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The last accident I remember has to have been at least a year ago now. For some stupid reason, I had my head in the wrong place when slamming the hatchback of my car. The edge hit my head. I started crying and holding my head. I swear I thought I had a dent in it. It wasn’t even bleeding, but it hurt like hell.

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1. In February, I was snowshoeing in a train snow shed that is no longer in use. I slid on some ice and fell in such a way that one of my walking poles whacked me in the face right below my right eye. Nasty cuts on cheek and nose, bruising, looked like I had been in a fight.

2. Backing out of a parking place, I looked over my shoulder, it was clear. Turned forward to watch the front end, didn’t see the car that was now behind me. Backed into the door of the car. Thank goodness for insurance.

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@zenvelo Haha…sorry to laugh, but brings to mind a year or so ago when I was leaving a favorite local river cantina here, and they had built this giant stone planter with a fountain.
I totally forgot the damn stone wall/planter/fountain was behind me after years of freely backing out of the parking zone. Backed right into the granite boulders. Thank God for plastic bumpers, I hit it HARD and it only left a little scrape. haha

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