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because they are considered to be street people even when they have huge amount of money in store….............. facebook.com/indgovtjobs.co.in

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Its not that, govt jobs are only for reserved candidates- but the reservation is made depending on number of posts in a cadre, not on vacancies… if you want various jobs for general category then visit on http://indgovtjobs.co.in/ and apply for various jobs!!

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I sure would like a gov. job. I’d like to be in that secret time traveler program they got over at the NSA. I would be a great time traveler. Not the future, though. I don’t see much future int the future, with global warming and all the wars and all. But I’d be real good in the past. I did real good in all my history classes. They could give me some gold from Ft. Knox and I could go back and give it to Nicola Tesla so he could do more of his spearmints and then I could get him and Henry Ford together and get Mr. Ford to make only electric cars that really worked good and then we wouldn’t have all these fossil fuel problems we have today and maybe there would be more future in the future. I could maybe talk to Lenin and get him together with Kerensky, with more gold maybe, and convince him to lighten up a little on the communist thing. That would have saved a lot of grief, for sure. And I could be sent back to the battle lines in WWI on an assassination mission to kill a little corporal named Hitler. I could do that. Then I could get the leaders at the Peace Talks to give more thought to not crippling Germany economically after the war so a guy like Hitler wouldn’t be so attractive. I think I could be a really good time traveler. Who do I talk to?

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I want to be captain america. Where do i sign up?

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