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How would YOU describe the current American Republican agenda?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19094points) January 25th, 2024

POTUS election, is near.
Are you an informed voter?

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I think it’s a cultist movement whos frontrunners only agenda is to pardon himself or have his VP pardon him for his many crimes.
His second agenda is to seek revenge on those that want to make him accountable for those said crimes.
other than that I don’t think he brings anything to the table that will help the average working joe.

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Apparently they’re ready to find a civil war on Twitter and they are trending things like #remembertheAlamo.

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The platform statement is here

My summary of what it mainly says:
* Support Trump and his “America-first agenda”.
* Oppose “the Obama-Biden Administration” and the DNC.
* No changes to the party platform since 2016.
* The GOP are victims of media misrepresentation,

They did though meet in 2023 and made some resolutions. which look to me like:
* Say there’s an emergency on the southern border & blame Biden for it, despite the truth.
* Say trans children are being victimized and we need to protect them.
* Pretend there are voting integrity issues, to justify denying mail-in voting.
* Oppose voting reform that would weaken the two-big-party stranglehold, such as ranked choice voting.
* Anti-abortion.
* Relate to China as bad commies using TikTok to spy on the USA.

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To get elected.

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They are angry, tired of high prices, tired of forever wars and ready to take back the White House. If Trump is the only answer for some, I understand the sentiment but I secretly hope Nikki gets it.

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Bunch of assholes.

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Bring back the Swastika, seen at many GOP / Trump rallies !

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Harsh restrictions on abortion that will risk the lives of women. They lie saying it should be left to the states when they have states trying to prevent women from crossing state lines and it seems obvious Republicans in Congress and Republican presidential candidates would sign a very restrictive federal law.

Closing up the border, although right now they might be stalling progress on that to please Trump.

Against any moves towards curbing the warming of the planet.

Giving tax money to religious organizations including schools.

Energy independence. Which I’m in favor of, but not necessarily how the Republicans want to do it.

Cutting taxes when the deficit is huge. Maybe Nikki would be better about this, but I’m not sure.

They say they are upset about gas prices, but gas prices have leveled off. They refer back to $2 gas at the pump during Trump, and my response to that is we can have $2 gas again if we shut down the country again.

Pushing for education policy only done at the state level, but actually very little federal money goes to schools even now, and I think it would be better to tweak the policy rather than eliminate any federal influence. I’ve lived in very Republican states and in my observation they didn’t care enough about the public education, especially in minority areas.

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And they are already dropping their masks on MLK and the Civil Rights Act (which they have always hated secretly, but now they are beginning to openly disparage both)

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There is not an agenda, only an alignment of certain special interest and fringe groups that vote along these lines to further their own agenda. These groups tolerate each other more than they should.

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Drill Baby Drill. Drill in Yellowstone, drill in all kinds of national parks, destroy the beauty of the land in order to extract oil and natural gas out of it, fuck up the water supply with fracking. Behave spitefully toward women by enacting severe restrictions on abortion (thank god this will never fly in NY). Make Mexico pay for building the wall – oh wait, Trump promised that last time around and it never happened. Tax breaks and loopholes for the rich to stay rich. Loosen restrictions on businesses so they can do business unencumbered by those pesky regulations which hamper their ability to make lots of money. Bring the minimum wage down to something like 5 dollars an hour – this harkens back to limiting regulations on businesses, again so the rich can keep their wealth. Cut social programs, privatize Social Security. If you need a social program, I’m sure you can find a nice park bench to sleep on.

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That indeed about sums it up, of course they would deny it, and blame it all on the evil left wing.∆∆∆

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Get to the White House. Doesn’t matter if it’s a psychotic pig who gets them there.

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