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Should I acknowledge the typo that I made?

Asked by marinelife (62234points) May 14th, 2014

I sent an email to many people offering my services as a writer and editor. Time to fall on my sword. There was a typo in the body of the email!!!! I also sent some samples of my work (typo-free).

Would it make it worse to send a follow-up to call this out and correct it?

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“or” for “of” is pretty common. I wouldn’t sweat it. You will be judged more on the work samples.

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Haha. Sorry but it’s a little amusing. Actually I did the same thing and made a complete fool of myself. Don’t mean to judge you but one should always read their work before forwarding it to someone else.
You should just wait. And don’t stress about anything what has to happen will happen.

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Don’t draw anyone’s attention to the typo. Most peoples’ minds correct tiny errors without them even knowing it.

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@Dan_Lyons yes that is Soo true.

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For the same reason as @Dan_Lyons states above, doing your own proofreading is a deadly thing. A deadly, deadly thing. You already know what you meant to write and you read that right into the text as you proof it. If it’s important, always run it past someone else before you push the send button.

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I vote for a very short, light-hearted, self-deprecating follow-up and correction.

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Provided that there was no distortion in what you intended to say, I would let it go. The submitted work is what counts.

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If you’d like to, e-mail the original to me for an opinion.

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What was the typo? It makes a difference depending on how noticeable it is.

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@dxs “or” for “of”.

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Well, let us know, anyway.

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I vote with @gailcalled, “I vote for a very short, light-hearted, self-deprecating follow-up and correction.”

Maybe re-send the email with a note, “Making a list and checking it twice. Sorry, this is why we let the customer proof the ad before publication.”

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I went back and reread the email, and it still jumped out at me, so I stick by my earlier opinion of acknowledging it. Given the service you are advertising, I don’t see how you can’t.

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