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2 year old is an extremely picky eater?

Asked by pleiades (6566points) May 25th, 2014

So the doc said my son is fine, but he’s been on the down slop of gaining weight. He’s not twig skinny, he looks good to me and he’s definitely not over weight. He’s extremely picky. I need to come up with better strategies to get him to eat. I read it’s not good to force them to eat because that’s where the psychological problems toward obesity can potentially come from.

It’s really tough to get him to eat. For a long time finger foods like chicken nuggets or basically anything we could dip ketchup into were his go-to’s.

He will taste many foods, put it in his mouth and chew it then spit it out. I call what he has American food syndrome because that’s all he’ll have!

So far here’s what he will eat.

Burgers (Somedays he’ll eat a whole one, others ¼, others ⅔)

French Fries (I’m ashamed to say that but that’s what he likes and it’s extremely difficult to have him not eat so tread lightly before you’re quick to judge, and if you haven’t raised kids yourself, don’t judge at all, I’d love to take the criticism from those who have with no problem.)

Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken Nuggets (Maybe about 3 before he’s bored?)

Mac and Cheese (used to love this stuff but I believe it’s been 4 makes in a row without him wanting it)

Broccoli (Surprisingly!)

Stir fry noodles (Not very many bites)

Cereal (he likes to be fed the cereal, range from like Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Fruity Loops, Cheerios Honey Nut, Captain Crunch)

Hot Dogs (cut into pieces with ketchup of course)

Oatmeal (lately he’ll only have about 4 bites)

Of course he enjoys junk food anything that comes out of a package ready to eat, all those sweet, salty sugary foods. (His mom get him used to taking a liking to those “snacks” and I told her this is what was going to happen.)

I’m just so upset because my first original plan was to try and get him to love vegetables and some what raise him vegetarian. But my mother in law would always feed him meat and that kind of crap got him used to salts and fried foods. Sorry if I seem upset, it’s because I am I just really am annoyed with MILs influence sometimes like feeding him cake only at a party. She doesn’t set any ground rules for him so he walks ALL over her. He’s gotten better with my wife and he knows better to act up around me because I’m so stern with my decisions with him. I know MIL is only thinking in terms of being a loving grandmother so I don’t hate her by any means, it’s just annoying when we’re not all on the same page. And then it makes me look like the biggest prick in the world when I actually am strict with him at parties and the only one giving him direction. If we were all on the same page he would know he can’t get away with anything and it doesn’t even have to be with a stern attitude. It’s just gotten to the point where if I don’t use my stern voice with him in public he won’t listen because he gets away with everything and is rewarded ice cream for throwing tantrums in the mall with MIL.

I felt like one day I got him to eat whatever I put in front of him after letting him have a pow wow cry to sleep moment when I wouldn’t give him his milk (This was extremely difficult but I really want him to not depend on milk, and yes I did offer him other drinks such as water and Hi-C)

He likes peas with his rice but come on whats that gonna do?

He really won’t eat any chewy foods such as beef, steak, pork none of that.

On top of his pickiness he is extremely slow eater at times! Which I think contributes even more to him not working up an appetite.

Please keep the judgements low, I’m not looking for judgement, I’m looking for strategies to get the ball rolling and getting him to enjoy food, if it’s possible at least.

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