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What are the different clear signs for go straight ahead?

Asked by flo (10343points) May 25th, 2014

The up arrow is used for upstairs, , So, what are the different signs for straight ahead ? If I google Image it I get the Up arrows. How can it be the same for upstairs and straight ahead? What do you find is a good sign for it?

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Usually an arrow pointing straight ahead is a clear sign.

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The problem is that signs are using a two-dimensional image to represent a three-dimensional concept.

Typically, an arrow pointing straight ahead only means upstairs if you are standing in front of a staircase and thus moving forward brings you up the stairs.

Consider when you are driving and you come to an intersection that has multiple lanes. The Up arrow represents driving straight ahead, since cars do not go up staircases.

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@hearkat when it comes to cars and driving there would be no confusion, and in a one floor bulding no confusion. But otherwise upstairs and straight ahead need to be distinguished for buidlings with more than one floor. It is not like it doesn’t exist. The broken up arrow is one. I’m looking for alternatives.

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If you’re looking for the restrooms (as an example) and standing in front of a hallway, the forward arrow means to proceed down the hallway. If you are standing in front of a hallway, and the restrooms are upstairs, the sign should point you in the direction of the staircase.

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@hearkat That is it the forward arrow. Do you have a image for it in Google images?
Are you watching 60 min. right now? They are saying “Sex matters…..” They are not talking about the activity at all.

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Do they mean gender? And if so, what does that have to do with reading symbols on signage?

Why would you be driving in any building other than a parking garage, where the signage is very clear for any experienced driver?

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@gailcalled No they are not talking about gender either as in, whether a male feels like a female and vice versa. They are talking about stem cells etc. diseases . There must be a third word. And it has to do with voabulary, using the right terminology.

Re. the second question I was responding @hearkat‘s answer (i.e that I’m not referring to driving)
2) Not everything is about an expericed driver et al. It is clear to an experienced brain surgeon that xyz is xyz is .too.

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Stem cells? What do they have to do with your original question?

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You’ve lost me completely. In signage, an arrow pointing up means forward.

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Thanks all for answering.

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