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My enemy on Instagram?

Asked by justified__ (16points) June 3rd, 2014

Okay, so my two enemies are now on Instagram, and so am I. I was on since last year, then deleted my account with 200 something followers and opened a new one 2 weeks ago. This guy I liked last year followed me a few days ago, BTW I hate him now. But this morning, my enemy, Bella, followed me! I don’t want to block her, because she can sometimes be my friend, when Ella is not there. What should I do? I have under 100 followers.

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My god. Are you done obsessing about this person yet?

When I strongly dislike someone I ignore their existence. It’s quite simple really. You’re making everything about “your enemy” and putting far more stress into your own life than remotely necessary.

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Trolling again. Just flagged you.

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