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Will all my questions continue to be deleted?

Asked by spykenij (1831points) June 6th, 2014

What gives?

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You currently have the last three questions in social, so clearly all have not been deleted.
The only one I can see has now gone is the suicide question, probably because that places a heavy responsibility on complete strangers in terms of giving you lasting advice.

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1–800-273-TALK (8255)

This has helped countless amount of times!

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[mod says] This question has been relocated to the Meta section of Fluther.

I looked into your question history. The last moderated question we have on file for you was 2 November 2011, and before that it was 6 December 2010. None of your recent responses have been moderated in any fashion.

Questions are rarely deleted outright (unless they are spam.) They might be pushed to editing if they do not satisfy the Guidelines, however. This has not been the situation for any of your recent questions.

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Oops, that question remains too, I just assumed it was in general & that’s why I thought it gone.

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It was the old phone I was using.

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