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Anyone else being fished here in Jellyland?

Asked by cazzie (24493points) June 20th, 2014

This appeared in my inbox here and I don’t like it one bit!
—‘Hello my dear friend
My name is Leonita Adams and i met your profile details today here in this site as i was browsing and i pick interest in knowing you & being friendly with you.I would appreciate if we get acquainted as soon as possible,You can reach me through my private E-mail started below for a better communication (leonitaadams000@hotmail.com)) I quite believe that we can start from here since it takes one to know someone,I want you to understand that nature has it’s own way of bringing people together for a particular purpose,I look forward to hearing more from you soonest
Yours truly

How does one report and/or avoid getting this crap?

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You can now flag an account of another jelly. I haven’t gotten that one, but I have had some others come through. The spam is getting ridiculous lately.

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Did you reply to her?

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Not on her email, but here I did. Told her she’s been reported and her messages are unwanted.

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I’m only seeing one leonita12 and her site says be the first to send her a message. Be careful of this one. It looks fairly sophisticated.

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[Mod says] Moved to Meta.

There is now the profile flagging feature to report this. Near the Follow button is a small thing that says “Flag As,” which allows you to report the user.

Also, leonita12 has left the building.

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Contact the Mods button.

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This is getting weird. This is at least the third time something like that happens. What do those spammers want?

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From the person’s profile, click the “flag as” button.

Visual aid

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I’ve done all that already, thanks folks. And she is gone.

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Yes, just flag it, it is a small thing, don’t sweat the small stuff.

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@Mimishu1995 These spammers seem to want to go out on a date with me. But they’re never around long enough for me to follow through with them.

Leonita Come back to me baby. don’t let the bad jellies frighten you. Think of all the good times you promised me if I just give you the passwords to my bank account…

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It’s so sad to see grown people who can’t handle small bs like this in private.

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@CWMcCall No kidding, jeez, how insecure and neurotic are you? haha

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I wrote this as a warning to others and to let the mods and everyone know. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. As other people have commented, there has been a number of spammers lately and there has been some nasty viruses going around as well. Spam and phishing on Fluther isn’t a private matter. It affects all of us.

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