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The US military's Apache helicopter. Where's the outrage?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9522points) June 30th, 2014

So the name Washington Redskins is offensive to the core. Where shall we look next?

Apaches, please weigh in.

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Actually, I always found the habit of the colonials to name their stuff after the victims of their holocaust to be, ahem, let me be politcally correct here, fucking disgusting and repulsive.
It is as if Germany were to name its panzers ‘Jerusalem’

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Apache is the name of a tribe, not a slang term for an indian.

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Because it doesn’t shoot arrows & have huge feathers for rotar blades, shocking.

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Most Army attack helicopters were named after Tribes. Cherokee, Kiowa, Comanche, Sioux. I found an article Here

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There are some schools around my area that are named after tribes, Lenape, Seneca, Shawnee , Cherokee and a few others. They’re not offensive because we’ll they’re the actual names of these tribes, it’s not a racial slur like Redskins is.

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I’m glad to know I can turn to Fluther to find out exactly what is and is not officially offensive.

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It’s interesting speculation. But it’s tough to equate a tribal name with a racial slur. The Washington Apaches doesn’t reek quite the way Washington Redskins seems to, and the reason is that Apache (unlike Redskins) is not demeaning. Funny to think about though. Imagine a football team monickered “The Carolina White Trash” or a fighter plane nicknamed “The Angry Negro”!

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