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Can these mini bananas be eaten raw?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) July 10th, 2014

My grand daughter LOVES bananas. Rick was at the store and found some mini-bananas. I was trying to remember what they’re called…Plantian or something. Starting looking around and found where a mom said her baby did fine with regular bananas, but when she gave her mini bananas her baby wound up with a rash on her chin. Then there was this comment about it on Yahoo answers:

“Those mini bananas are called plantains and they cannot be eaten raw. You have to cook them. They are usually used to make plantain or banana fritters and plantain chips. THis might be why your lo broke out.

They’re SO CUTE and my granddaughter would just love them…but I really don’t want to kill her. Mom and Dad wouldn’t talk to me for a WEEK if I did that. :}~

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Plantains are starchy and mini-bananas are sugary. They are called many names lady finger, red bananas and Hawaiian apple bananas. The starch will not kill you in plantains; it is like eating uncooked potatoes. Keep reading down the blog; your quoted poster changed her story later in the blog. Chiquita sells a mini-banana at our local super-duper store.

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Thanks. I think these are more like apple bananas, so I’m excited again! Banana’s just for two year olds!

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I’ve eaten both plantains and the tiny bananas raw, neither gave me problems. The plantains didn’t taste too good raw, though. As @Tropical_Willie said, they’re very starchy.

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There are actually hundreds of varieties of bananas – it’s just that the Cavendish dominates the American market. Your minis are either Pisang Mas, Ladyfinger or Orito, according to this. It also says they should be allowed to ripen until they are brown – I’ll have to remember that next time I pick some up.

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Gonna sit around all day and watch my little nanners ripen!

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