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In any relationship, what do you owe yourself? What do you owe the other person?

Asked by thelurker (494points) July 14th, 2014

As asked.

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I owe myself for keeping the relationship and bring the smile on others’ face.

I owe others for being with me.

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Yourself: Honesty
The Other Person: Intimacy (vulnerability). Affection. Honesty.

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£2:89 & a bag of chips.

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Respect, honesty and dignity both ways.

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You don’t owe anything to yourself or to your partner. You’re together because you love each other. If you love them, you know what’s right for the relationship.

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^^hoo boy!

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If you have an issue, you owe it to the relationship to discuss it instead of playing passive aggressive games.

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I totally agree with @ZEPHYRA . Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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I’m the worst person to ask this question right now. I want to say, Nobody owes anyone anything because it sounds like a relationship is nothing but debt, and it isn’t.

A person has to be honest with themselves FIRST and then be honest with the other person. I have business relationships that I feel are stronger than most personal relationships I have because we are straightforward with each other because there is less emotion or fear of an emotional backlash. That is sort of the opposite of how it should be, isn’t it? With honesty comes bravery, I suppose.

If someone doesn’t want to move cities and jobs, for example, then they should just say so.

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In my life I find most of my friends just can’t be bothered to call me. If I want to talk to them, it’s all on me. I have made a firm agreement with myself that if my friends can’t be bothered to call me once in a while, and I don’t get more out of the friendship than the effort it takes me to always be calling them, I cut off the relationship. It’s not worth it.

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You owe one another love.

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