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Is there anything that you generally don't care for, in which there is at least one example of this thing/idea/concept that you do like?

Asked by Kardamom (27962points) July 16th, 2014

It could be sports, vegetables, sitcoms or whatever. Sometimes there are whole genres of stuff that I don’t like, but then one thing comes along and I find myself baffled as to why I like that one particular example, the one that tickles my fancy.

Here are some of my own examples.

I really can’t stand most sports, including baseball, football, basketball, golf, hockey, motorcycle racing, Nascar, wrestling, boxing and on and on and on (except for figure skating which even though I do consider it a sport, it is also more of an art, akin to ballet, so for the purpose of this discussion, I’m not including it) but I do enjoy watching the Winter Olympics. I also like diving and gymnastics in the Summer Olympics, but not much else.

I also don’t like Sci Fi, in general, but I do love the whole Star Trek franchise, and the first (episode IV) Star Wars movie.

Are there any things that you like (especially from the perspective of an outsider looking in) that seemingly don’t fit into your own definition of stuff that you otherwise do not enjoy?

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I love kindergarten yet I don’t buy juice boxes for nap time… I will buy lots of juice boxes for my nap in the sunbeam next time I get paid.

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I Cannot stand onions, except I love onion rings.

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deleted because I answered the wrong question somehow.

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@cookieman Yes me too… with ketchup.

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That crap they call rap, I like the type of wrap the Beastie Boys do or some older stuff of Ice T like New Jack Hustler I like. The majority of that stuff is not rap but pure crap.

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I don’t like being handed something. I want to earn it or rather…make it mine by force.

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@rojo It looks like several people are answering a completely different question LOL.

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^ What did you expect, them to stay on point, even with Velcro it is hard to make them do that.

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Sour pickles give me instant heartburn, unless they’re Nathan’s Brand.
I think it has to do with dill/vinegar combination because I like dill dip.

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While I’m generally not much of a fan of zombie fare The Walking Dead does it for me. As does the PS3 game The Last of Us (technically not zombies I suppose, but close enough for all intents and purposes as far as I’m concerned).

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Don’t like blueberries, but I love blueberry pie.

Not a fan of fish, but I really enjoy salmon.

Not attracted to men, however @Blondesjon is dreamy.

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^^ Hee Hee.

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I can’t stand reality shows. I’m good with America’s Got Talent. Who can’t love a show with a guy who designs his own musical instruments, even using an entire auditorium as part of one, eighty year old ladies who break dance, and a guy called Prince Poppycock who can sing AMAZING?

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I don’t care much for reality tv, but Kenny vs Spenny is the greatest show ever

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I don’t like the music from MTV… but I do like Beavis and Butthead.

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I’m not big on plums, I dislike prunes, but I love prune filling on ‘coffee cakes’.

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I don’t like grape jelly or jam or basically any kind of processed grape but I do like just plain unadulterated grapes.

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@ibstubro Now I’m so craving coffee cake with prune filling. I like prune Danish too.

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