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Is theres a double standard when boys are molested?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) July 24th, 2014

sexual assault is a serious crime, but it seems society considers it less serious for boys or men. Why is it considered more serious for females?

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There is when women are the abusers.

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Both are equally horrendous, but the lines are blurred when teen boys voluntarily have sex with older women & teachers.

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Men are even more closed about reporting than women. If society had any idea how often it happens really, there would be more show of concern. Also, since not many details come out, lots of people consider it amusing, because they assume a babysitter did something, and the boy probably wanted it anyway, or the same but with a teacher.

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You know how many adult men say “yeah, I would have done that hot teacher”
And boys, instead of saying “oh no, that was terrible”, they high-five each other.
so, yeah, there is a double standard.

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