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Who do you want for president?

Asked by 2TFX (438points) July 24th, 2014

The election is two years away but candidates are already lining up on both sides.

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Hillary Clinton since there is no Moderate party.

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Olaf Thunderbeard of the Barreldrainer Clan.

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I’d like to see Elizabeth Warren run.

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Elizabeth Warren would also be my choice. I’m not terribly thrilled by Hillary. But that is mostly because I don’t like dynasties.

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If be happy with Elizabeth Warren as well.

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My goose Marwyn. See his campaign drive in my avatar, sporting his latest award.
Vote Marwyn, swimming pools, corn a’ plenty, and nicely feathered nests for all.
What we really need is an entirely new SPECIES in office.

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None of the mainline politicians.

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Daffy Duck

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What @johnpowell said, exactly.

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Bernie Sanders, with Elizabeth Warren as V.P.

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@hearkat Wouldn’t that be great? But too lefty to get elected, I suspect. Warren is a brilliant prospect, but it’s far too soon for a presidential run for her.

I have lately been wondering if Joe Biden could win if he ran. I honestly don’t think Hillary can win.

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Can we get Jimmy Carter to run again?

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I’m thinking Jimmy Fallon. He wouldn’t have to find an actor to parody the president in his monologues, he would be ahead of everyone else on what to laugh at the president about, and if he had a bad meeting with Putin he could pretend he’s Barry Gibb and sing his way out.

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Elizabeth Warren. Incredibly smart, and has mostly avoided politics (which is a good thing) but has enough experience in DC to understand how the game is played. I like Hillary Clinton, but she has spent so much of her life in the political arena, I worry it may have sucked out some of her humanity. Warren just seems so genuine and passionate.

Warren’s biggest weakness would probably be foreign policy, since she’s doesn’t have a lot of experience in that arena. She’s going to need a strong VP on her ticket to help sell the idea that she could be the Commander-in-Chief.

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Al Franken could provide an interesting perspective :)

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The person I want for president is someone who does not want the job; someone who will do it out of a sense of obligation to the country and the people of the country but would rather be at home than stuck being president.

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Would people vote for me?

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If you can get yourself placed on the ballot, you’d have my vote for sure :)

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Yay! <does a dance>

I’ll get to work on that :)

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