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How to get job at cafe?

Asked by Beatrix (50points) July 25th, 2014

My sister knows a girl whose mother owns a cafe. They are looking to hire someone and my sister mentioned me to the girl. She asked her if I had experience and she told her although I haven’t had experience working in a cafe or waitressing, I understand customer service as I have worked in an office and called customers on a regular basis.

They said they would like me to come to the cafe with my CV next week, and then the girl sent me a friend request on Facebook.

What do you think my chances are getting the job?

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i hope you get the job

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It sounds like they want to hire you; they’re probably looking for someone they can trust (really the only reason to hire someone you “know” over someone who has experience). Just be friendly and enthusiastic at the interview. Expect them to tell you that you’ll have to do menial tasks like dusting and cleaning the bathroom, because you don’t want to make a face when that happens. Good luck!

Also – I wouldn’t respond to a friend request on Facebook from any prospective employer, ever. They’re just interested in snooping around your photos and posts to see if there’s a reason they shouldn’t hire you. You do not have to let them do that.

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Why not offer to work for a week without pay to prove yourself?

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Be sure to make an appointment or arrive during non peak hours.

I have taken applications from individuals that visited during the middle of lunch or dinner.

These applications went in the roundfile without so much as a glance from me.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Well, you already have an “in” so I’d say your chances are pretty good.

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It sounds like you’ve got an interview, which is good news. The interview itself is still a hurdle you have to go through and that is when you kinda know whether or not you’ll get the job. The trick is to not treat it like an interview, but rather a two way conversation (but please review basic etiquette for interviews). Even if the interview went south, there’s still a chance that you’ll still get the job and the opposite is also true.

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