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Is it bad to still live with your parents at the age of 27?

Asked by CreativeDreamers (70points) November 21st, 2016

Today I got a big wake up call. I was at Church this morning and was eating breakfast. One kid who has just started to come asked me how old I was. I told her I was 27. She thought I was 18. Another girl jumped in the conversation and said ” yeah he is 27 and still lives with his parents, that is sad”. In a way there is a lot of truth to what she said. However at her age there are things she does not understand.

There are a lot of adults that have jobs and still have to live with their parents. The economy is not that great at the moment. I work a job that does not pay too well, but I work really hard. Sometimes people assume if you live your parents you are just lazy and unproductive. As for me I started working very late. I wish I would of started when I was fresh out of high school. Most likely will have a lot more saved up.

My Dad asked me for around $600 this morning, I only have about $200 in my account at the moment. He thinks I have a lot more saved. I wish I had more to give him. I have brothers and sisters who are older. They still live with us, however they fail to help my parents out with money. They also have much better jobs than me.

I am figuring out where I can save money and looking for a better one that pays more. Its not easy, but I am trying. From the outside looking in people may assume things they don’t understand.

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As far as the person who made the rude comment about you, that’s rude, uncalled for, inappropriate. To me, she’s not your friend saying shit like that, especially in front of another person.

As for your personal situation with money and your job, it’s hard to comment on without more details. Are you trying your best? When you say you are looking for a better job that pays more, are you really looking or just hoping and not looking? Don’t compare yourself to your siblings who are older, still live with you and don’t pay. Maybe they do other things that compensate, like helping out around the house, or driving your parents places.

Your dad asked you for rent or you owed him money? Do you pay him rent?

Compare yourself to the best, not the worst.

For me, more details would be necessary in order to comment and give a fair opinion.

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It is bad that you are working and living with your parents and only have 200.00 to your name. Where is your money going? Are you spending all of it as soon as you get it? Start writing down every dime you spend so you know where you are wasting money and do something about it. Are you eating out every day? Take your lunch or dinner to work. Are you buying pop out of a machine every day? I buy a six pack for 2.00 and take my pop to work.
By saving more money and looking for a better paying job, you can get out on your own sooner.

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Its not a crime to live with your parents but not saving enough for your future. They won’t be supporting you in your older days but you’ll have to be self sufficient by then. Adding to what @chyna said try to improve your skills / learn additional ones which can give you extra money and always be in a look out for a better job in terms of money / work as well. All the best for your future..))

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Kids are judgmental. The economy has been tough. Any question about whether living at home is acceptable is between you and you folks.

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I cannot judge you…I don’t know you. But when you tell me all your siblings are older than you and still live at home too, then that fact tells me something is not right in your family and or with your parents for you all still to be living at your parents house. I also agree with @chyna and her suggestion or reviewing your finances and spending.

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It is hard to pick out a single characteristic and make a judgement call about someones life.

For me, if I still lived at my folks house when I was that age there would have had to have been some solid, overriding reason. I wanted to be on my own, not too far away from my folks but not in the next room.

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If you have a job, it’s not shameful to live with parents at all. It would be sad only if you’re 27 and your parents still financially support you. That would be sad.
Otherwise not.
Many people can’t afford to buy their own house, and old people need help and care.

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Sorry for the late response everyone.

@jca Thanks for the response. My siblings do little to nothing around the house. I do most of the chores to help my Mom. I really am looking for a better job. I found job opportunities but all of them pay less than what I am making. The high paying ones are more of a who you know type of thing. I did not owe my Dad money, he needed help with something and asked me for help. He would ask my older siblings but they barely give him money. He would have kicked them out a long time ago if it was not for my Mom.

@chyna Thanks for the response. I am learning to control my expenses. I have to admit I do spend a lot on food. Mainly because my commute is pretty long. Thanks for the advice it helps a whole lot.

@imrainmaker Thanks for the response. I am learning how to budget and control what I spend. Since my siblings don’t help my parents a lot financially, a lot falls on me to help out. They all make way more than me. My Dad would have kicked them out already if it was not for my Mom.

@filmfann Thanks for the response. I don’t blame the kid that much, at her age I feel she does not really understand the entire situation.

@Cruiser Thanks for the response. My Dad wanted to kick them out a long time ago. However my Mom always tells him to give them another chance. However it is getting to the point that they can’t take much more. I am learning to control my finances and save more.

@rojo Thanks for the response. My man issue was I began working at 25. I which I had started a lot earlier. When I started off I was working for small pay. This recent job I have is like the first real job I’ve had. I wish I would of started working fresh out of high school or earlier. Before 25 I was doing freelance graphic design while looking for work.

@Sneki95 Thanks for the response. That is true. I am still trying to move out soon. Will try and save money with the job I have now while looking for a better one.

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Well, you’re allowing your mother to enable (I call it “disable”) you.

It really isn’t that difficult to support just yourself. Not like if you have a wife and 5 kids.

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@CreativeDreamers Thank you for coming back and responding to our suggestions.
One last pearl of wisdom I’d like to depart with: When I first started working at a full time job, it was in a department store and I was making a little above minimum wage which was a lot of money to me. I was offered a job with a huge company for less money than I was making. I took it knowing that it offered lots of room for promotions. It was a very good move for me.
So when you are looking at job opportunities, look at the whole picture, not just what the pay will be starting out.

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@Dutchess_III Thanks for the response. That’s partially true. I help out with the cable bill and rent. Also have to send money to help my Family back home. On top of that, living in NYC is pretty expensive compared to other areas. You’re right though. I have to start saving and take control.

@chyna Thanks for the response and advice. It helps a great deal. I will keep that in mind when I am looking for job opportunities.

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I thought you lived with your family, @CreativeDreamers? What family back home are you referring to?

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@Dutchess_III Sorry for the confusion. I am from Ghana, West Africa but live in the U.S.A. When I say family back home, I’m referring to the ones back in Ghana.

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So, do you live with sponsors in the US?

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I live with my Parents and my Siblings. My Family back in Ghana are my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

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OK, so you come from a completely different culture. Is is safe to guess that in Ghana it is usual for generations to live together? That used to be the case in America, in generations past. Not so much today, though.

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