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Should i break with her?

Asked by leaoi (9points) July 26th, 2014

I have been with my girl for almost two years, but she has been acting so cold and distant with me since the last three months. She doesnt spend time with me, or talk to me like she used to. Everytime i try to talk about if there is something wrong, or when i ask her why she has been being that way she answers “sorry…” or “i have been busy”. She doesnt even talk if i dont talk or if she talks she give short sentences or yes/no answers. If i talk about taking some time she goes nuts and says “how much time is going to take, are you going to talk to me in that time, are you going to see other girls, etc” or goes rampage if i mention to break up… If i act cold and distant, she began to talk more and spend more time together, if she feels everything is alright, she is distant again. What should i do? She is being that way for the last three months, and just keeps my head spinning

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Sounds like she unhappy about things are at the moment.
Maybe she wants a change, either more or less commitment.
Talk to her.

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Break up with her and make sure you don’t go back when she comes after you all nice and loving. Remember the cold treatment.

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