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Does coffee make you happy and alert, or just a jittery mess?

Asked by Derrick545 (73points) July 26th, 2014

I think that it mainly makes me happy and alert. A cup of strong coffee just seems to boost my mood and even focus. However, I do know some people who can’t drinking it because of the caffeine and it makes them very nervous..

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Jittery mess, but my one can of diet soda mid-day seems to do the happy and alert bit for me.

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Caffeine used to make me jittery, but I’ve built up such a tolerance that it no longer even makes me feel alert.

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Sometimes boost the mood but most times, makes my heart beat faster, gives me intestinal problems and makes me anxious. Still love the smell and taste and every time I say that I won’t be drinking any again, I end up getting another cup!

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one cup and I am just jittery.more than one cup and I am a jittery mess.

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I drink decaf, but sometimes if I am really stuck on a project a cup of caffeinated coffee boosts me through.

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Happy & alert. 20oz max.

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The more cups the better! It cheers me up and when I have a headache it stops after coffee!

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All of the above. I need one cup in the morning and that makes me feel “normal” more than a couple of cups these days will make me jittery. I used to drink it all day long.

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Kinda makes me sick at my stomach.

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It gives me a boost to wake up and there is something comforting about the smell too!

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