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Would there be as many murders?

Asked by LaceyHamilton (99points) July 29th, 2014

This is just a random discussion question I was wondering about, and wanted to get others opinions. I have been watching the I.D Channel lately, and noticed that most murders and robberies happen at night. Because the killer can’t be spotted easily, and the victim is most vunerable. Even though it isn’t possible, if it was daylight all the time, do you think there would be as many murders as there are at the moment?

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You could compare crime rates in high latitudes between winter and summer.

Moscow, for example, gets 7 hours of daylight in December and 17 in June.

Though you would have to adjust for the fact that people stay inside more in the winter.

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More darkness I believe would be more prone to criminal activity. That’s when I prowl.

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Even at noon the sun can cast dark shadows. Folks will always find a way to kill each other.

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There’s a lot more crime on hot evenings in the summer where it’s light out until late.

And while we’re on the subject, crime rates drop when business turn off the lights at night. Criminals won’t go into a completely dark building without a flashlight, and it’s a lot easier for a passing cop or security guard to notice a flashlight roaming around in a normally dark store or building.

If you really want to lower the number of murders, do something about the easy access to guns.

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Most murders in the world are signed off on with a pen in broad daylight.

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^^ talking about abortion

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@Blondesjon um, no. but nice to see neither of us has changed.

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i know, right?

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i do like consistency

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