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If you could grow an extra (human) body part, would you? What would it be?

Asked by thelurker (494points) July 29th, 2014

I’d take another eye to see behind me. The best place for it might be the back of my neck, so I could conceal it with hair or clothing at times when I don’t want extra attention.

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I want a retractable third arm and hand that comes out of my chest. Sometimes you just need an extra hand. I want new teeth too.

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I’d grow several livers so that I could keep drinking like a pirate.
This question is awesome . :)

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I know this is an organ, but I think I would have an extra heart. You know, just a backup! xD

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@Symbeline Thank you.
@LaceyHamilton Organs count too!

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I like the idea of an extra heart, as well.

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New brain!

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Redundancy in body parts is always good.

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A prehensile tail would be fun.

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@downtide That would be fun, swinging from stuff. A third nipple also might be a nice conversation piece.

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Two more testicles.

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I thought of another testicle but my two get me in more than enough trouble as it is.

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I always thought having two dicks would be cool until my 20 year old son informed me that they would be touching all the time.

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Another middle finger.

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Another brain to use as an external hard drive.

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Unlimited replacement teeth. For the ones I lost, and were damaged from years of abuse and neglect. Including replacing my wisdom teeth and having them grow in proper.

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An unlimited ability to grow extra organs like kidneys, for sale. haha
I think 40k a kidney is fair market value.

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@Coloma I think they go as low as 5K for a black market kidney. Million dollars for a heart.

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@talljasperman 5k…what a rip. haha
Well..then change that to being able to grow extra hearts, considering we only get one you would have to be dead to donate. lol

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An eye on the end of my middle finger would be useful.
I might actually find the wife’s clitori…wait, stop!

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A fifth finger on each hand. Then I’d take up piano and also do some serious guitar work.

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Gee, my desire for an extra body part has always involved someone else, not myself.
Now I do want an extra part for myself. I want another leg so I can have the useless one removed.

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One word…penis.

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I would go for an extra heart or brain, because they wouldn’t involve me looking incredibly deformed.

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Extra lungs as back up would be nice. Dealing with shortness of breath and other breathing issues suck.

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My last blood test indicated that I have high blood sugar, so an unused, extra pancreas would be nice.

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Wouldn’t mind having two more arms, though even one more would help. Would make multitasking a lot easier :)

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