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Punctuation question. Can you help?

Asked by rojo (24179points) August 7th, 2014

Got on Fluther a few minutes ago and was greeted with this:

“We think we’re falling in love with you.
Log out”

So, the question is: shouldn’t “Log out” have an exclamation point at the end?

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I am more unsettled by the absence of a comma after “We think”. But that may only be my German Grammar sense tingling.

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^^ Incorrect in English.

“Log out” in red is consistent with other Fluther commands on the right, such as “Join Chat.’’

Exclamation points should be used sparingly and carefully. Otherwise they lose their force.

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@gailcalled Oh, I thought they were having trouble controlling their emotions and wanted me to leave as soon as possible before something happened that we might all regret in the morning.

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That is also a possibility. Gotta run now and collect my Nobel Prize.

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Another?? How many is that for you now? Ah well, enjoy Norway, or Sweden, or wherever they are handing them out.

Heck, take an extra week and enjoy both.

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No comma necessary. And the “log out” is unrelated to the greeting.

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If I went to Norway for my prize, they’d probably rescind it.

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Perhaps the comment was written by a person named Log, and they are signalling that it is the end of their comment to you.

dappled_leaves out.

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PunktuitionSchooled in the ways of the ghetto

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My favorite one is “You’re glowing! Absolutely glowing!” and it’s showing up right now. I guess I just really like exclamation points!

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Never ceasing to amaze means I too have to log out before the amazement gets too much.

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Fluther lies, a lot. I know they’re lying because they’re telling me I look dapper and I know I look anything but dapper in the outfit I’m wearing this morning. Perhaps they’re being sarcastic and forgot the ~? My, don’t you look dapper.~

Bah, now they get honest. “Well, we don’t think you’re having a bad hair day”. Rub it in why don’t ya.

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Pleased to make your acquaintence?! Fluther! I’ve known you for almost six years now! We’re best pals!

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@Earthbound_Misfit You need to tell Ben about that :P

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