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Can you believe that Illinois has slumped to #4 on the "Most Corrupt States in the US" list?

Asked by ibstubro (18611points) August 10th, 2014

Given our competitive spirit and level of previous expertise, I expect that Illinois can re-gain the top spot.

Do you live in a state on the list? S. Dakota was a huge surprise to me.

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My corrupt State is corrupt enough to know how to keep off the List. <N.Y.>

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Illinois came by its reputation for corruption honestly, unlike the top three.

The three worst are southern states filled with inherent poverty based on a centuries old class system of elitist whites who profit off the backs of impoverished people of color. The social system there is evil at its core, corruption is the putrid lifeblood of the South.

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Sorry, @BeenThereSaidThat. There’s always next year.

GREAT point, @zenvelo. Illinois had to overcome some long odds on it’s path to almost total corruption.

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Can you believe that 8 out of the 10 most corrupt states are republican?
I can.

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well that didn’t take long…......

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