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Do we have any jellies who were in the tornados' paths today?

Asked by Jeruba (55936points) December 11th, 2021

Parts of Kentucky and surrounds were struck with utter devastation. Heartland jellies, are you okay?

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I went to visit friends in Kentucky for the weekend. They woke me up at 4a.m. Saturday morning to get to their basement. The tornados missed us but it was scary.

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A few towns in Missouri got hit but not near as bad as other states. Very sad.

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Glad you’re okay, @KNOWITALL, and you too, @chyna. What a time to be visiting!

Who else of our number might have been affected?

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I saw some of the drone videos. It looks awful. How do people recover from that?
And the path was 225 miles long!

I lost my barn 3 years ago and caused all sorts of hardship. Nobody was hurt, There was no damage to my home. I never lost power or services. I only lost some barn things.
That was nothing compared to what these people are going through. I can’t imagine…

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My mom was in a tornado a few years ago When The rest of us went to the south part of Colorado to see some friends. Meanwhile my mom was home with our dog and a storm came and had a tornado had formed a few blocks away from our house. The tornado didn’t hit our house but it was scary.

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A relative’s home just had their roof torn off and the garage flattened. This is 3 days later than when this question was originally posted.

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@snowberry Are the relatives okay?

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Yes, everyone is fine. Thank you.

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I blush to say I misspelled tornadoes. When I was learning to spell, the added e was the rule (with some exceptions, of course, like pianos). Since then, a lot of words have come into common use that end in o but keep their plurals as in their language of origin—without an e. I should have put one in here, though. So please overlook my bad example. Sorry.

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@Jeruba I looked it up after I saw this question. The definition provided by Google says the plural is correct with or without the e. However, I also learned to spell it with an e.

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Yes, I’ve since looked it up, too, @Hawaii_Jake, and thanks, but “alternate spelling” isn’t much of a consolation. At least I probably won’t forget again.

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