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We are looking for a unique wine name. Any suggestions?

Asked by Patana (8points) August 19th, 2014

No particular region the wine is from (will be an Australian wine)
Classy unique name
Not after a funny name

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Incredibly difficult to do this without more details. Can you at least give us an idea what part of Australia?

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Agree with @dappled about needing more info, but having been in advertising and marketing my entire career, I can’t help but start puzzling on a creative challenge…


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Red or white? Variety of grapes, or a blend?

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Need more details. Oceania….............something using that?

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- wine will be from South Australia, most likely McLaren Vale
– two blends Shiraz and Merlot maybe a pecan Sav
– looking for a clean label, so logo and name will represent that
– colors used is reds, gold, and black on the label
– no particular animal will be used to represent the logo
– maybe help if the name was converted to Chinese they would then understand what it means. So a name that is different in English sounds good but when Chinese read it they won’t understand the brand. example if used “water Lilly estate” Chinese could read the label in English and convert to Chinese.

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