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Verifying: does red wine need to be refrigerated?

Asked by q (37points) May 23rd, 2011

I was told no.

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Cellar temp is best.
40º – 65ºF

In lieu of that 10 minutes before serving chill in refrigerator.

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Before opening, no, but as above. After opening, yes.

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I never refrigerate red wine.

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Store wines in a wine rack, laying down to keep cork moist. Temperature for both white and reds should be 50º – 55º F or a a liitel cooler for whites.

Do NOT put ice in wine.

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deleted by me, I wasn’t reading the previous responses and @YARNLADY already said it

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deleted by me, I wasn’t reading the previous responses and @YARNLADY already said it

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I’m with @lillycoyote No need to refrigerate red wine, opened or not.

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Before opening, no. After opening, drink it. Problem solved.

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It’s best stored in a naturally cool space such as a wine cellar. If the house is not air conditioned, you could chill it a bit in the fridge before opening. It’s great at 55 tp 65 degrees F.

After opening, what @Jeruba said.

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If you don’t have a cellar.
I’ve been taught that people tend to over chill their whites and under chill their reds. 10 minutes before serving a white pull it out of the fridge, 10 minutes before serving a red put it in the fridge.

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After I graduated from high school,I lived with a family that owned a small but famous vineyard in Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy.

We had red wine every night for dinner…it was never refrigerated. If there was any left (we were 9 at table every night) it was either watered and served to me, the 8 and the 6 yr old for lunch, or used for cooking.

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I’m no expert on this but I believe wine should be served at whatever temperature is considered appropriate for that particular wine and then consumed as soon as possible. Once a bottle of wine is opened it’s real enemy is air, not temperature and putting wine in the fridge will not help to preserve it, no matter what it is once it has been opened.

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THe old rule was serve at room temperature. The problem is this was before modern construction and room temperature used to be 50 to 55 degrees, not 68 degrees. Solution: Drink it however you like it.

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This is subjective, but red wine can taste better when it’s slightly chilled to around cellar temperature. If wine is stored at too high of a temperature (say, making a grocery run and leaving it in a hot car all day) it can go sour.

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Red wines should be finished off asap. Within a week, tops, if you wish to retain the virginal flavor. lol

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