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Is it a sexual assault if someone says" nice chest" to someone male or female?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) August 20th, 2014

A question which came up about if it is a sexual assault to compliment someone’s chest, legs or body in particular and should be reported to police or an innocent compliment or just rude.

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That is not assault, but it could be considered sexual harassment.

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Assuming they are not talking about a piece of furniture.

I think it’s gauche and in rather poor taste. But criminal? No way. The police would have hard time coming up with an offense that doesn’t go against the first amendment.

They only way it would even remotely be illegal is if an employer said it to an employee, making a hostile working environment.

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It’s not assault because it’s a verbal statement: no one was touched.

It could be considered harassment though, based on both how it was intended and how the recipient took it.

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It’s just rude, arousing or a matter of fact depending.

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“Nice Chest” in the workplace is certainly grounds for being fired. Along with mention of any body part by either gender in a sexual way..

On the street it should just be ignored. I hate to say it but it is damn near impossible to police.

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It is certainly an obsession and a curious one, that you have asked about a lot.

It depends on location, intent and the people involved.

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@gailcalled Why do you call it an obsession? What if the OP had something very uncomfortable happen and now you are labeling her with a negative term. Not very nice. I would assume the OP is fairly young.

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@JLeslie Because whenever the OP posts questions, it’s two camouflage questions about random topics, plus one question about young, shirtless boys. It’s creepy as hell, but the mods don’t appear to care.

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If its creepy (I haven’t seen those) then something should be done by the mods. Is it your impression the OP is the abuser or the one being abused?

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@JLeslie I just think he’s titillated by having other people discuss the subject.

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I see. Well, the mods can turn it over to the authorities.

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I’m a little concerned about all of the amateur psychologizing going on here.

So what if this person gets their rocks off by talking about chests? Big deal! There are a ton of other people on Fluther who get their kicks talking about sex, cars, flowers, and sewing. (and a whole lot of other things – like religion and politics as well)

What “authorities” are you talking about, @JLeslie and what would you say? That someone likes to call attention to himself? Puhleez…

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@elbanditoroso If there is a Q about shirtless underage boys then it could be a crime. It isn’t for me to decide, that would be up to the “authorities.”

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@JLeslie It’s not a crime. Let’s not get carried away. But it’s also not what Fluther is for, and at a bare minimum, it misleads other jellies into participating in something they would not if given the choice.

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Anyone with that interest might be committing crimes is the point it would be for the authorities to investigate.

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I go back to my original questions -

1) which authorities?
2) what are they going to investigate?

Somehow, one person feeling uncomfortable about questions from an anonymous poster on a social network site does not constitute anything close to criminal activity.

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Police or FBI, whoever investigates child sex crimes. I said investigate, I didn’t say there is definitely a crime.

It’s just like when a teacher suspects a child is being abused, they call the authorities, whichever the appropriate authorities is, and they investigate. I don’t know why this is so complicated.

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I don’t know why you’re so quick to be wanting to investigate things. Not every strange activity is potentially criminal.

And even if it is totally innocent, and I have no reason to think it is not – then the fact of an investigation goes on someone’s record. These things don’t just disappear.

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Record? What are you talking about? I didn’t say arrested.

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Any time a city or welfare or legal or law enforcement department investigates something, even if no arrest is made, it is logged somewhere. And that means subject to legal discovery (or newspaper smearing) even if no legal process ever began.

Suspicion – founded or unfounded – can ruin peoples’ lives.

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Are you actually saying that if an adult is making ongoing comments about the bodies of children that seems innapropriate you don’t think it should be looked into? We will never agree. What if the guy has a record already or is registered already as a sex offender? I don’t see any harm in running the person’s name through the system and see what pops up.

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