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Where could she be ?

Asked by stuart_jacobs (25points) August 31st, 2014

I’m 17 years old when I was 2 weeks my mother gave me up for adoption its been many of years and I still haven’t found her ! Her name is Alice , surname unknown but it was Kotze ! Sure she’s married now ! Heard she has a daughter ! Meaning I’m a big bro ! I hope someone might help me find my long lost mommy ! Alice kotze (blonde)

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Thank you !but , sadly nothing !

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Big possibility she lives in Durben !

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Lots of help here.

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Go slow when you do find her, she might not want contact, did you ever find out the reason she gave you up?
Though no fault of yours , she might have been raped, or abused, that could be why she gave you up,though no fault of yours.
Just give it some thought, again she might want to see you,just don’t get to excited ok?

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Ask your adoptive parents to help you, tell them it doesn’t take away from your relationship with them, but you would like their help, like finding out the agency that handled your adoption.

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My mother was too young to take care of me ! My father was a foreigner , a sailor ! And my adoptive parents support me 100% and understand the part where she might not wanna meet me , but she just couldn’t support me ! But she wanted me I had a box with a letter from her and a teddy that smelled like her ! Just need help to find her !

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MY friends kid found her on facebook, came to visit & it was emotional but great. Don’t give up on happy endings.

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This guy has a pretty good track record. Read the FAQS carefully to find out what they do and do not do. Then decide if it may be helpful to you.

(there has been some controversy swirling around him recently but this I regarding a rather atypical case involving the Indian Child Welfare Act. Emotions run high on both sides of the issue.

However, it is totally beside the point for your needs. I’d basically ignore it if I were you since it has zero to do with your personal situation.)

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A good place to start would be the agency that originally handled your adoption.

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No adoption agency handled my adoption ! I’m not the only child adopted ! The lady which I now call mom , adopted 3 more children 2 girls and another boy their round bout similar ages as mine !

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I’ve got no doubts and not to excited just kills to wonder if she looking for me aswell or not !

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Did you approach the South African or Durban Red Cross?

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