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How would you feel if you discovered as an adult that you had been separated from your identical twin at birth?

Asked by essieness (7693points) April 9th, 2009

I’m watching a show about twins and they are telling a story of twin sisters whose mother gave them up at birth. They were adopted by two different families and only found out about one another as adults.

Would you be happy to find a person just like you? Would you be angry that you had been separated?

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I’d feel pretty pissed off. Especially if it were some a stupid reason.

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I would be absolutely fascinated-

It is the best experiment of all- Is the twin like me? What do we have in common given we were raised completely independent of one another? Did we both have similar histories?

Were they also speed (car- not drug) freaks?
Were they attracted to the same studies as me?
Do they like muscle cars and hate Nordstroms?
Did they marry or did they follow their dreams or both?

It would be like seeing an alternate version of my life. It would ROCK!

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@Dog I completely agree. I would be fascinated to find a person just like me. A built in best friend and someone who really understands me.

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I’m almost certain that I would be angry that I was seperated from my identical twin at birth. I would make a concerted effort to find my identical twin as soon as possible to begin a relationship as siblings that never should have been interrupted in the first place.

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As the adult I am now, I’d be excited and want to get to know them. I’d also feel for my birth mother knowing she not only gave up one child but two even if it was for the best of the children.

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Maybe it is because of my own experience that life never seems to come out as one planned, but I would not be angry.

People make choices depending on circumstances in life and I wont judge them nor would I want anyone to judge me.

I would just consider it an awesome bonus in life to find that I had a twin.

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there are many movies based on this sitch. over-played movies.

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I’d be pissed all these years had to go by before I found out.

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Separated-twin studies have been the basis for some very interesting psychological and other research. They have a part to play in the ongoing nature-vesus-nurture debate.

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I would want to know (if i didn’t before) why we were separated
and I would be really excited to get to know them
and I agree with Dog

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I don’t think I’d be mad. The idea just makes me happy. I’m past the point of being angry about such things in my life. But it seems like an exciting prospect. It would add a whole new dimension to my life. I’m not usually the glass is half full type of gal but in this circumstance that is sure how I see it.

I also agree that the twin studies, especially separated twins, are quite fascinating.

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freaked out, because my most recent available heuristic dealing with an undiscovered identical twin is the unborn.

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I am a twin and know how great it was to share my childhood with my sister and now to have her as my friend in adulthood. I would be very disappointed to find out that I was a twin later in life and to know I had missed out on all those early years. I have a special bond with my sister that has been forged through all our early years together.

However, I love the stories of how twins raised apart discover each other and the similarities they have. It would be a blessing to find out you are a twin even if it was later in life rather than to never have known. It would be fun making up for lost time!

But I’m glad I have had my sister with me all of my life!

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I imagine that it would be a case of_I can’t explain it but I’ve known all my life that there was somebody missing_

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