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What are the risks and rewards of tracking down an old flame?

Asked by whattodo2 (91points) July 9th, 2008

Google and Facebook make it so easy. Anyone ever done this and how did it go?

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you could screw up their current relationship, or you could live happily ever after…...who knows?

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I did it once to find a old boy I had liked in like the fifth grade. We had been pretty good friends. When I looked him up a talked to him a little bit. But only to find out we were complete opposites, and nothing like he used to be. i don’t talk to him any more. On the other hand I also had looked up my other old friend and we had talked for a good bit and everything turned out fine. But I had never really took the time to look up an old “flame” because I had never really had a good experience with them in the first place. The only one that i really did is now one of my best friends.

A friend of mine had a pretty bad experience with this. In the end he ended up having a bunch of screaming idiots on his front lawn at 11 at night. All because this girls was an idiot. I guess that is just what happens sometimes when trying to do something good. Some people are so immature.

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I found an old boyfriend from High School, and he turned out to be a real creep! I wish I could still have fond memories of him, but finding out what he is like now has spoiled that for me. He has this strange perversion where he gets turned on by women with black eyes… eww!! I dropped him like a hot potato!

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black eyes? Dark brown eyes or black contacts?

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Actual black eyes, as if from being punched! He is a real sicko!! He really loved the movie Million Dollar Baby! What a creep he is!

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omg, black eyes! That’s fucking crazy…....was he a “wife beater”?

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I looked up an ex and ended up asking her to marry me… she said yes as well! Woo Hoo!!

Yeah so, other than the black eye thing (which is really weird) it can be quite good. If you aren’t with anyone right now, I say go for it… just don’t tell her you like black eyes and threaten to give them one!

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@cheebdragon , he says he isn’t, but once he told me about his perversion, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. I’m a pretty open minded person, nad I thought i had heard everyhting, but this one took the cake!!

@danclements congrats on the engagement. About the other thing, you’re kidding, right?

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