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When you see a user with the moniker Ted2200, or Kelly104, do you ever wonder if there was a Ted or Kelly #1, etc.?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) September 22nd, 2014

I see on sites frequently a user with a designation like Bill1004, Sam5002, or Sherrie84, etc. I wonder if those were just random numbers generated by the site when the user joined and they just accepted that default, or if the user themselves randomly chose it or because the numbers had some significant meaning? If there is a Bill1004 as if he was the 1,004th “Bill” to form an account, is there a ”Bill01” out there?

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I assume the number is somehow significant to that individual, such as; when they were born or married, how many kids they have, or the item number used when ordering their medications.

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I usually assume its a spam-bot, which are often created with a random name plus a random number stuck on the end.

The ones who actively participate and aren’t spam-bots, sometimes it’s clearly a year of birth, other times I figure its a number significant to them, since on most sites these days it’s not possible to get just a regular name without making it unique in some way.

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Well, I really am the third incarnation of the Dutchess who was knighted thusly on by Balmung of the Azure Sky.

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It is all spam. Bots making shit up. I ban them from my site immediately.

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Sure, because e.g., there were already 1,945 Brians when I joined Flooder. ;-p

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I really don’t.

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