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Why are some people not able to do Spocks "Live long and prosper" hand sign?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42483points) October 6th, 2014

I don’t have any problem doing it, but there are folks who seem to find it impossible. I read once that, in the series, Spock’s mom couldn’t do it either. There was a scene that required it, but they had to position her fingers first, which she kept out of sight on her lap until the time came.

It’s also the American Sign Language for “I love you.”

Why can’t some people do it?

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Not the same, actually, this is Spock’s thing and this is the ASL sign for “I love you”.

Maybe because she hadn’t practiced it since childhood, like I did… ;-)

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I stand corrected!

It seems be be a physical thing.

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As @canidmajor article pointed out, that’s also the way that rabbis put their fingers when blessing the community at the end of the Jewish prayer service.

When I was a kid, the rabbi ended each service with his fingers like that – and this was 15 years before Star Trek.

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Nimoy is Jewish. Maybe he remembered his rabbi doing that and suggested it for his Spock character. Just a thought…

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Bet that’s right, @Pachy!

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