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How much do you enjoy the show "ancient aliens"?

Asked by ragingloli (48537points) November 8th, 2014

Why do you enjoy it?

I find all these whacky characters with their ludicrous ideas presented as if they were fact, highly entertaining.
Their constant misrepresentation of history and fabrication of facts is baffling, as are their continuing efforts to link everything to aliens.
I just love this show.

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That dude with the Greek name is entertaining to watch. I read he has absolutely no credentials relating to science…but then again, I don’t think any of these “Ancient Astronaut Theorists” (love that term!) do.

It’s seriously funny how often they say “but Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe…”. They might as well say “Flat Earth Theory proponents believe…”

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The growing proliferation of all that crap on television. is like the pock marks on victims of plague. The fact that there is a significant audience for those Bigfoot hunting, ancient alien, area 51 “documentaries” are symptoms about the cognitive state of we as a people. Once you start adding in the real housewife, kardashian, bachelor, etc. devotees, the epidemic of brain death underway seems undeniable. It makes you wonder if the fact that fewer people than ever can be bothered with that trip to the polls is a bad thing after all.

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Literally the only thing I know about it is this.

But I enjoy it immensely.

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What @stanleybmanly said. For that reason, I find shows like this depressing. Happily, I no longer have a TV, so it’s only a concern when visiting older relatives.

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I had never heard of the programme. Now I have I wish I hadn’t.

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