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Have you ever thought that someone was trying to kill you?

Asked by Mastema (1003points) December 31st, 2014

Have you witnessed someone outside your window at night? Have you been attacked? Have you been drugged?

Do tell.

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No, knock on wood.

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As supreme commander of the Zeta Reticulan Battle Fleet, there are quadrillions of inferior alien races that wanted me dead.

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For two years we lived with the knowledge that a lot of people wanted to kill hubby. He was threatened with death several times. Thankfully we are out of that now. Not fun.

The whole thing was fueled by lies, gossip, and a journalist who saw an opportunity to advance his career. I was afraid to open my front door because a journalist might stick a microphone in my face or my kids’ faces. When it was all over, the judge found hubby innocent.

I have learned to have NO respect for journalists, because they’ll only print what will sell, not the truth if they can get more money out of it.

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Haha..only if you count tripping over rattlesnakes, a face off with a mountain lion and horses that start spinning out in their stalls with me next to them. Yesterday we had a crazy wind storm and 2 people died when trees fell on their house and car. I am much more at risk of being killed by a natural accident or a wild animal or a bucking horse over here.

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I’ve had a couple of minor league stalkers and a mafia guy get in my face when I could see he had a shoulder holster, but no major killers. My own body seems more likely to get me with my reactions to crap. You might find this mildly interesting. A few years ago I had a case were I knew 100 percent certain I was going to die. My options were gone. I even told myself twice I was going to die. Just before our vehicles were about to hit, this second entity popped up in my mind and started another completely different train of thought. That was a different experience and one I didn’t enjoy.

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Just my ex wife.

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@Adirondackwannabe what do you mean by entity? A person?

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It was like I was two people at exactly the same time. There was one guy driving his ass off, trying to find an option, and this other guy steps out and starts apologizing to people for getting killed. They weren’t connected at all.

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@zenvelo Haha..I was worried my ex might kill my pets, he always went for what meant the most to me. Psychopaths suck!

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@Coloma my ex isn’t a psychopath, just crazy.

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Yes, a dead relative came to claim me in my sleep every night for a long time. Kept trying to pull me over to the other side but could’t. Now I wish she would but she has given up on me.

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I heard someone outside my window when I was a teenager—other neighborhood teens most likely, so I didn’t feel terribly afraid, just pissed-off.

I didn’t have a near-death experience when my car rolled over, I just thought, “Holy Fuck! Is this how it ends?” Due to proper seatbelt positioning and quality auto fabrication, I was uninjured but for some scratches and bruises when they pulled me from the car.

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I was chased by a bear this year.

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Wow, that you’re still here is amazing. I was five feet from a black bear this Summer, but I was in a car and he was on my s/o’s side of the car. :)

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@ARE_you_kidding_me So if you were chased that means you were running? Way to go! lol
I admit, it is so hard to NOT run, I did the same thing when I came face to face with a Mtn. Lion behind my barn at my old house some years ago. We had about a 15 second stare down, it’s eyes like giant neon green obs in the dark and then it just turned and walked away.

I ran back to the house, bad idea but WTF! haha

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I fought my instinct to run and backed off slowly, it was a mother defending her cubs. She backed down once there was some distance.

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At the end of our marriage my husband got so angry about something that he left the house. I honestly thought he was going to get a gun. I called his girlfriend, crying and shaking, and asked if he was there. She said, “No,” and when I told her I was afraid he was going to come back and kill me she recanted and said he was there.

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