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Do you prefer to cook and then freeze fresh food, or freeze and then cook it?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) January 10th, 2015

I made this recipe last night and it made, easily, twice the amount we needed.

I was thinking that I should freeze some. But, then again, if I make it in the future, would it be better to freeze ½ uncooked and bake it with fresh potato chip topping?

Is it better blended, baked and frozen, or blended, frozen and then baked?

I have recently gotten in the habit of cooking twice as much meat entree as will be consumed, then freezing half for later. I’m thinking to expand to sides/veggies.

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Cooked potatoes don’t freeze well, they get grainy and mushy. I’d just eat it up and share the leftovers in the next 3–4 days tops.
My food storing habits depend on what the food item is.
Certain meats and other things go to the freezer if I am not planning on using them for a few days or a week

Otherwise I usually cook things fresh and then freeze the leftovers.
Certain soups and things with potatoes and pasta that go mushy when frozen get used as leftovers over about a 3–4 day period. I am a bit OCD about keeping leftovers around for more than a couple days. I have a big bowl of Lasagne soup in the fridge from last night. Mmmm good, a new recipe and we will polish it off in the next 3 days or so.

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I don’t have neighbors, or they would likely be well fed. :)

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