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How do you like your apples?

Asked by imnottellingu (493points) October 15th, 2014

Around this time of year I like to drink apple cyder and eat baked apples. So, I was wondering how you like yours. Baked, dipped, cydered? Answers with recipes included get extra Lurve.

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Raw apples. I like to eat them in their original form. No preparation, just put one into your mouth. Easy and fresh!

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Apple leather (home dried in a food dehydrator).

Pies and cobblers.

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Apple butter, caramel apple, candied apple, pie, apple crisp, wine baked, fresh picked, you name it.
(Not phone)

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Normally just raw but a lovely apple pie with caramel is yummy!

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Raw apples, Apple pie, Apple butter, caramel apples, candy apples…

This morning I had an apple pie protein shake and yesterday I had Apple pie overnight proats (protein oats). So delicious!

Can’t stand Apple cider, though.

Not sure why my phone is automatically capitalizing “Apple.”

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Right off the tree.

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Raw, sliced into wedges, smeared with organic almond butter.

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I’ve got a twirley machine. Apples taste really good when twirled!

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Carmel apples.

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Oh, I forgot one…apple sauce!

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Fresh and crisp. Macintosh are by far the best!

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Raw, baked, juiced and in my awesome cranberry apple relish as well as stewed with blackberries and in my delicious apple/blackberry pie. Amazing!

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Oh! Ginger and apple juice shot first thing in the morning is lovely :)

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I like them very fresh and red, in the mouth of a roasted and chard pig.

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As is (crispy, not a fan of mealy), apple crisp, caramel apples, apple cider, apple pie, with cinnamon/sugar, with a dip that’s something like this.

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Okay someone teleport me to New England for a few days. I need me some actual fall.

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I’m with @Mimishu1995 I like them best raw and whole and green. Cider can be good but for me it’s a summer drink, not for this time of year.

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In apple pie (my favorite pie), but I’m picky. The crust needs to be flaky and crisp, but the apples need to be tender.

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Applesauce is awesomesauce!
Oh! I almost forgot apple salad.
Apples either diced small or shredded (the curly thing would work too)
Some cinnamon and nutmeg, mixed with enough sugar so that it sprinkles nice and even.
Cool whip, or some whip topping.
Walnuts, or pecans, or any favorite nut chopped up.
Sometimes candied cherries to make it all look lovely.
stir apple, topping, and nuts together. Slowly add in spices. Sprinkle on cherry halves.

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I like apples raw with caramel dip. Yum!

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I like mine raw, but just a tip, not for everyone though, sprinkle a bit of salt on them after you’ve cut them into wedges, just a touch of salt. It brings out the flavor more and makes them taste sweeter, I know it sounds weird, but try it, it really works.

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