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How do I make my shoes stop squeaking?

Asked by rojo (24159points) January 14th, 2015

I have a pair of North Face hiking boots that i have worn for several years. Since I live and hike in a warm climate, I usually only wear them in the colder months.

This year they seem to have developed an annoying squeak in them. When I walk it goes “Zip, Zop, Zip, Zop, Zip, Zop” (you get the idea). I have never noticed it before this year.
Is the leather too dry? Too old?
Anyone got any suggestions for how to solve this dilemma? If so, and if it works, I will file a new post under the good things that have happened today.

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Um…soak them in vegetable oil?

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I was told to use baby powder. Don’t know whether that will work, haven’t tried it myself.

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Take out the mice?

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@ucme but they are so warm and tickly.

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Fur enough.

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My North Face hiking boots squeak, too.

This is my first season with them, and I only paid $6 so I just deal with the squeak.

Oh, and you need to give a little info on the material. Suede and leather have totally different treatments. Leather lends itself to oil better, yet mine are suede.

Have you tried walking on your hands in the boots? Much closer to your ears.

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Well, you would squeak too if you were always stepped on.

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Leather boots, sorry.

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Have you tried putting dubbing – the waterproofing wax stuff – on them? You rub it on, warm your boots gently so that it melts into the leather, then buff. Can’t harm them to waterproof them and it might make them more supple and less squeaky. It is a mouse repellent also ;-)

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It has been a while since they were waterproofed. I could try snowseal or mink oil or veg. oil on them.

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