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How does the way in which you consume knowledge affect said knowledge?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) January 18th, 2015 from iPhone

I don’t mean reading a book versus watching a movie. In that case, the difference seems apparent.

I’m more curious about the difference between reading a book and listening to an audiobook.

Or even the minute difference between reading quietly or reading aloud. Does the added function of speaking detract from the function of memory? Or does it reinforce memory through auditory means?

Does the way in which we consume knowledge wire it differently in our minds?

I would guess that it does. But how?

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For me, it depends a lot on the context or subject I am trying to learn or remember. Some things it is easier to remember when seen on a podcast or Webinar, other things are best when I read them and can take notes or bookmark certain areas. No one-size-fit-all absorption method works for me.

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