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Have you had any experience with parents in public doing things with their kids that they think makes them look like good parents, but just the opposite impression is actually given?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46863points) January 27th, 2015

I was at the Drs the other day, and there was a mother loudly playing with her kid in the waiting room. Chasing her around, and picking her up and flipping her upside down, causing the kid to squeal, tickling her and just making a big ruckus. Kid had a blast.

The Mom kept glancing around the waiting room with a smile. I think she was looking for approval.

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I’m pretty sure when I lived in the south and I saw a parent whack their kid on the ass for misbehaving that parent thought people around them would think well of the parent for doing something to discipline their kid.

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Maybe the mom was just having a blast too? That usually causes smiling. :)

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It was loud. The kid was screaming and shrieking running all around with Mom chasing after her. Just not appropriate behavior in a public place. That kind of thing is why they have parks.

@JLeslie I’m thinking of parents who deliberately fire their kids up so they can show off what a great parent they are. Swatting kids is done for a specific reason and it’s not to show off.

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I misunderstood then. You can flag my answer if you want it modded. :)

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I avoid judging the parenting skills of others, unless they ask.

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No, it’s fine @JLeslie!

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There was this preteen boy at one of my friends dinners. I don’t know the parents well. But the father was poking fun at him about some girl. The boy was embarrassed and hurt. He was sensitive. I don’t have a problem with joking but I think the father didn’t realize how badly it bothered him. It was perhaps the wrong setting to joke about the topic. It seemed like he felt betrayed but maybe I read the situation wrong. And I know nothing about children.

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You probably read it right. Any subject about girls at a particular age can put boys in a fluster.

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I can sympathize however I imagine it’s hard to know the line between babying and being too hard on them.

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Well, there is simple respect. Making a kid uncomfortable and embarrassed for no reason is just not right.

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