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Do you believe in angles?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) January 30th, 2015

Not angels : ) . Also what is the greatest accomplishment from learning about Geometry?

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That’s like asking whether I believe in air.

Geometry comes in handy when you want to hang bookshelves straight.

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Yes. 360 degrees is what keeps me around.

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We always liked proving the Angle Side Side theorm.

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Geometry is a fundamental part of many kinds of engineering. For instance, from airplanes to the Eiffel Tower, knowing geometry can help one calculate the stresses involved in making large and/or “strong for their weight” structures and design accordingly.

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A brief smile plays across my lips whenever I see a-cute one…bless.
Also, 180 is the best, coz darts & shit.

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Do I believe in angles? No, I do not. I have never seen an angle. Everything that I have ever seen or touched in this world has been rounded, not angled.

Now if you’re asking whether or not I believe in Angles, then the answer is yes, obviously. It would be foolish of me not to believe in my ancestors.

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Only the right ones.

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Anyone who doesn’t is obtuse.

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^^ Isosceles what you did there. But you’re acute guy so I’ll forgive you.

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^^You’re so complimentary!

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I’m shocked how much I use trig. At the time I learned it in high school I thought it was one of those things I’d never use in real life. Between cutting miters for weird angles of baseboard in my bathroom remodel project, and programming a game, I’m using it a lot the past few months.

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This whole thread is skew.

Yoda’s take on Geometry: “There is no do, only Tri.”

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When I bought my house, my wife had to cosine.

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I used to, but then I pulled a complete 180. I’ve been walking a straight line ever since. I guess you could say, I went on a bit of a tangent.

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That’s for every pun, including my own.

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No I don’t. They are a human construct, just like any and all mathematical concepts and I don’t wanna believe in them. Don’t make me. No. Please… No. Sharp and pointy, wide and overt – oh, please no…
help me
help me
they’re coming for me, trying to box me in… NOOOOOO please, not the tesseract…

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