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If you were Prime Minister, President, or Supreme Ruler of your own country, which mainstream world leaders would you intentionally snub/ignore/refuse to meet with?

Asked by ragingloli (47243points) February 21st, 2015

The pope, for example.

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I wouldn’t snub/ignore/refuse to meet any leader, unless I started believing in cooties or wanted to appear to be 6 years old.

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As a head of state, the only reason not to meet with someone otherwise recognized as a leader would be to deny them the respectability and influence of a “Mainstream World Leader.”

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The Pope isn’t a world leader. He is the head of the Catholic Church on earth. It always amuses me how you can twist and turn a simple question.

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Merkel, she has a face like an elbow & the personality of a giant turd.

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I would sideline Erdogan, Rouhani, Netanyahoo and, as mentioned, the king of the paedos, the current and any future pope.
I might even have them arrested.

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I would entertain the pope, by kicking him square up the arse while he attempted to wank while watching Oliver Twist.

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I would lock up erdogan, rouhani and netanyahu, and then subject them to forced feeding of nothing but pork.

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I’d definitely avoid al-Hassad, he looks like the bastard mutant love child, forged from an unholy alliance betwixed Adolf Hitler & Tony Blair.
He literally freaks me the fuck out every time I clap eyes on him & that’s before he speaks.

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By all means, don’t invite them to your birthday party. That’ll sure show ‘em!

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The Pope isn’t a world leader. He is the head of the Catholic Church on earth.

I know you mean “not leader of a country” but the head of the Catholic Church is a definitely a world leader. He has huge influence and other world leaders work very hard for good relations with the Pope.

Even if you really, really, want to specify, “leader of a country”, the Pope is still included. He is the the absolute monarch, head of government and head of state of the sovereign state of Vatican City State.

Anyway, back to the original question. I would come up with some human rights guidelines prerequisites and consistently apply them. It would take time to draw the rules, but I know for sure a lot of current American “allies” would not make the cut.

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I wouldn’t meet with Kim Jong-Un. He is probably stinky and probably cheats at video games.

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All of them. I’d have a strict isolationest policy.

Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you.

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