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Now that the singing group, One Direction, has lost a member, should they change their name? And to what?

Asked by kritiper (19525points) March 20th, 2015

As asked.

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When the Elements lost Water, they just changed their name to Earth, Wind, and Fire.
How different are they now that they lost one of their one directions? Don’t they still have just one?

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Final Destination?

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Lost One Direction?

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Minus-One Direction. A different vector, but still in the same linear family.

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Wrong Direction

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He didn’t quit. He’s taking a break.

They could go on without Zayn and still be successful. I doubt a bunch of young girls are going to sell their tour tickets just because Zayn isn’t there.

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Maybe they should change their name to something like, No1Cares or BoyBand#23.

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One Prick Short of an Erection

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