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To kittens purr with their moms?

Asked by andrew (16543points) October 22nd, 2006
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You mean "do?"
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I can't imagine they purr evolved just in domestic cats
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so I would guess yes.
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Yes, they do.
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Yeah, particularly when they are nursing. Also Mother cats often purr when giving birth.
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but did you know that scientists don't know where the "purr" comes from? it's not a vocal noise.
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not vocal, but definitely respiratory. wild cats have been observed to purr. interestingly enough, big cats (lions, tigers, etc.) purr only while exhaling, while small cats (bobcats, house cats, etc.) can purr while inhaling or exhaling. evidently that's considered one of the characteristics which defines whether a specific species is a big or small cat.
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Been told cats only meow for humans. Should I ask this Question?

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yes they always do and its lovely to see

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Ya. Animal lovers still understand animals much better than scientists in many ways.

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