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Speak to a living thing situated to your right, tell us what you said & how they replied?

Asked by ucme (49620points) April 17th, 2015

The gift of knowledge just keeps on giving :)

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I told my daughter I was on Fluther & she rolled her eyes :D

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She sprang up and started barking at the window. I yelled at her and she humped my leg!

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@ZEPHYRA You lucky, lucky bastard.

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@ucme no luck in that because her back claw dug into my flesh!

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I asked my small if he would like a peanut. He replied, “I don’t get it.”

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Nothing to my right that’s inside and alive so I took an executive decision and spoke to the living thing to my left. The cat. I told him he was the ‘gritmeister’ and he really should clean off his paws before getting on the bed.

Oh and just now to my right outside, a Kookaburra. I told it to quieten down.

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Me: do anything, but don’t ever make everyone on Fluther know I’m stupid!

@Mimishu1995: if anyone is pissed off, they kick my ass, not yours. You are totally safe outside the phone.

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