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Do you feel better during your sleeping or waking hours?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) April 22nd, 2015

When do you feel better, asleep in your own dream world or wide awake in reality? Are you the kind of person who can’t wait to go over to slumber land to rest and escape or are you the type that sleeps just for as long as necessary?

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It depends on the day and it depends on the night. Some nights I toss and turn and wake up at 3 a.m. full of anxiety. Some nights I have wonderful healing dreams. Some days I can’t wait to escape from and some I treasure. (But I never leap out of bed in the morning.)

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I’ve been sleeping quite fitfully lately due to back pain, and my dreams have been on the dark side. So I guess I have to say I feel better when I’m up and about.

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Asleep. I often sleep in way too long. The dreams I have compared to the nightmare of being awake. It’s an easy choice.

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My dreaming life often more interesting and filled with emotion than my waking life. Sometimes it’s the other way round but I like sleeping.

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Depends on how I feel. Sometimes I am too tired that I only want a sleep. Sometimes I’m too excited to sleep and I want to be awake for longer.

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I feel better during my drinking hours.

it’s where the sleeping and waking overlap

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@Blondesjon Well, in the words of the philosopher Robin Williams: “I feel sorry for those people that don’t drink or do drugs. When they wake up in the morning that’s the best they are going to feel all day.”

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As living humans there are two things that we must do, but should be wary if we begin to frequently do them for recreation-Eating and sleeping.

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@josie Don’t forget crapping. I don’t want to blow up in a big crap explosion some day if I forgot.

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Who shits for recreation? Well, who that is normal shits for recreation?
The point is, crapping, no matter how repressed you are about it, is ultimately involuntary. Over eating and over sleeping are choices.

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Laughs, but I’m not testing your idea. :)

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Asleep. I usually sleep really well, minus the bathroom moment or two depending. ( Aaah, the joys of middle age haha )
I have been sick all week with a wicked sinus infection and allergies. It’s been rough, on an antibiotic and I slept 12 hours Sunday night, I couldn’t believe it!

Between my allergy issues and just getting older now it takes me about 2 hours to feel really lubricated for my day. lol My peak hours anymore are about 11 to 6.

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I enjoy sleeping, but I love being awake too. I don’t have a preference for sleeping over being awake. Some days I wake up and I’m warm and snug in bed and I could happily stay there for quite a while, but once I’m up and into my day, I enjoy life and doing what I have to do. By the end of the day I often find myself not wanting to go to bed because I’m not ready to sleep.

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Kinda both. I don’t mind the dream world – I always want to stay longer. But I also get up super early because I like being active and doing something with my brain.

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@youwiththelongname My brain does lots of cool something’s while I’m sleeping too. :)

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