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My husband was laid off; do you have a possible work connection for him?

Asked by JLeslie (59782points) May 5th, 2015 from iPhone

He is an HR guy. VP level. We are willing to move. His title is usually VP of Compensation and Benefits, or VP of Total Rewards.

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So sorry to hear this. My niece is in the same line of work and lives in Tennessee. I’ll check with her tomorrow.

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Thanks. I really appreciate it.

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I’m really sorry to hear this as well, especially since so much time was spent on creating your home in an area that you enjoy.

As for the job hunt, I just checked Hilton’s career site. There is one that looks interesting. Manager, Executive Compensation It may only hold the title of Manager, but it’s at the corporate office (for all of Hilton worldwide). This means it pays well, good benefits (including the employee discount program), there is ample opportunity for growth, and it would put you back in the DC/Md. area.

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Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about this. I don’t have any assistance for you and I hope he finds something soon. Just wanted to let you know we’re thinking about you guys. Would you consider going back to real estate?

I like @Pied_Pfeffer‘s suggestion : )

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No leads but I’m very sorry to hear this.

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He could try this site. When my husband first got out of the service he sent his resume to several head hunter agencies. He actually got called for potential placements in several good jobs but he was lucky and already found a local job and that meant we didn’t have to uproot the kids from school. Of course headhunters get a commission but some of them get the commission from the businesses that hire them to find someone.

Most of your really good jobs don’t place ads. They don’t want to be bother with screening people. Best thing when using them is to find out if they are getting a one time placement fee from the employer or if they send you out and continue to get a commission.
Oh, I also don’t know about the headhunter site I recommended above. I only placed it as an idea so you can see what they do.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks for doing that search. I’ll show my husband. It likely is way below my husband’s level (I hate using terms like above and below) but I’ll let him evaluate it. Usually the track is Manager, Director, VP, but sometimes titles are deceiving.

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@Pandora Thanks. He almost always has been placed by a head hunter. He’s in touch with the head hunters who have placed him before. I’ll take a look at that site. I just sent him a link to a few sites. He has been searching TheLadders most all. I think that is the most well known site for his level. I’m not sure.

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@JLeslie Don’t be fooled by a title. A company’s size and structure makes a difference. Your husband may have to take a step down in title, but not necessarily in salary, and vice-versa. Finding the right fit it what is most important.

As for the Hilton job, even following up on it or any others offered on this thread could lead to something else.

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Is it at all possible for him to start his own business at this point? Many small companies need someone to help with HR stuff. I just paid $500 for a generic safety manual to satisfy workers comp requirements and we currently only have 2 employees.
I know someone who has a company that all they do is HR consulting for small businesses making sure they are in compliance with local and federal laws. He’s such a great guy I know be would do well.
(I had the pleasure of meeting Mr and Mrs @JLeslie in January.)

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Universities usually have large HR departments.

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@JLeslie Are the two of you willing to move to another country? If so, which ones?

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@Pied_Pfeffer I agree with you that you never know what something will lead to. I keep telling him that. Compared to him I have more of an outlook that connections, timing, and opportunities can be unexpected.

He is very focused right now on pursuing companies that have their openings advertised or with head hunters, but once that slows down I think he should send his resume to companies he is very interested in. You never know what might happen.

I read the description of the position you linked and it seems to me it is most likely significantly less pay. He has worked for large multinational companies in the past. He used to be (a long time ago) a Director of all of Latin America and even a couple of countries in Europe. That was a few promotions ago. He is willing to compromise on title and even salary for the right job, the right fit, don’t get me wrong, but a company won’t even want to hire him for significantly less, because they will be afraid he will jump ship fast.

He has 25 year experience in HR, 17 years in Comp and Ben, Executive Comp for 5 years, BA in HR, MBA International Business, all sorts of certifications, fully bilingual, bicultural, prepares and presents to the Board in public companies, etc.

I keep asking him if he wants to take this opportunity to maybe do something less rigorous. For now he seems to want to pursue staying at the same work intensity.

We are always willing to move. My only criteria is that it be a reasonably safe country.

@Judi I keep telling him to market himself and his services. We have contacted friends and work colleagues who work for consulting companies, I think he is nervous about the work being unsteady. I’m not.

I think also he gets great satisfaction working for people who teach him, who mentor him, and that’s part of his work experience in big companies. Not always of course, that’s one thing that was lacking in this last job.

I planned on creating a business card and brochure for him, and see what he thinks. I can’t do advertising quality brochures, but it might inspire him. I’m going to tell him what you said. Hearing it from someone else might sink in more.

I’m hoping this is a catalyst to a fresh start. We have been through the ringer with the new house, and the stress from it doesn’t let up. I’m ready to close this chapter and move forward. I have this feeling the universe is trying to get us out of here. I know that sounds a little new age for me.

If a job doesn’t pan out in the next couple of months I’m going to look in my career field (I want to now, but I’m waiting) and he might take some courses and pursue some interests while continuing to look.

@rojo I actually contacted two friends who work for universities.

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Okay @JLeslie, now that my brain is in gear, I have a lead for your husband. I’ll send the name and contact info. that I can dig up in a PM. Does your husband have a LinkedIn acct? That’s how I tracked down this former co-worker.

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Yes, he is on linkedin. I’ll PM the info.

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Our company (in MD) should be posting a position soon. It would be posted on, under Arrow Child and Family Ministries. If you’re interested, check the webpage starting in a day or so (not sure how long it will take before it’s posted…)

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